Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sex Isn't a Race

All couples go through a phase where romance has taken a backseat. There's nothing wrong with good ol' scheduled sex here and there, but when it becomes as expected as the sun rising, this could be the path to a dry spell in the future. People like change...and surprise. Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I inject excitement and passion back into the bedroom?" Here are ideas to get your juices flowing...

Read Romance
Yes, you've heard me right. Pick up a naughty novel and read. men and women alike should try this. Romance novels are jam-packed full of sexiness and inspiration.

Compliment her and often
Women like to be made to feel special, and so do men. We want to know that you think we're hot. We go to a lot of trouble to look our best.

Watch a chick flick
Get in touch with your sentimental side and who knows what may turn up.

Feed into her/his libido
Certain foods are know to jet start the blood flow. Oysters, black licorice and chocolate are a few.

Spend a night away from home
Sometimes all the stressors and pressures at home can diminish intimacy. Spend a night away from the day-to-day experiences and relax.

No TV in the bedroom
The only thing your partner should be viewing is you. If you're bored, you'll find yourself looking for entertainment--with each other.

Kiss...a lot
Kissing is something couples don't spend enough time doing. When was the last time you embraced your partner and swept him/her off their feet with a kiss? If you don't know, then that's a sign that it's time.

Think up new ways to show your partner what they mean to you.


  1. Some wonderful ideas, and I like the way you weave your words, write on! :)