Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dirty Words

I'm asked all of the time, "What do you write?" And I always answer, "Romance." Then I see the hesitation, as I'm sure their mind is conjuring up their next question, which I already know what it is, "What kind of romance?'

This is where it gets entertaining. I don't have just one type or "kind" of romance that I write. So, I begin my list: Paranormal, suspense, military, fantasy and erotica. Yes, I leave erotica on the end just for kicks.  And it turns out the same every time. Mouth drops open and I can see their mind spinning again. This time I'm sure with images of sex and smut. And then it comes, "Where do you get your ideas from?"

I don't want to burst any bubbles here or suffocate sexy images of myself, but my life is far from 'erotic,' at least in the sex symbol way. I'm not saying that I live a boring life, but I don't sit around in lingerie all day and write sex scenes. I don't write erotica because I'm thinking about sex all day. I think of it often, but I'm sure no more than any other red-blooded human that is confident in their sex life.

Why do I write? Well... Why do painters paint? Football players play ball? Doctors fix patients? Most would say it's a calling. That's where I stand. Writing romance has it's own shelf inside of my brain. It's a huge shelf that occupies a lot of the space inside my skull. The talent comes naturally and frequently, and is like a drug. The more ideas come to me the more I must write. The more that I write the happier I am. And when I am offered a contract it's like full circle to a dream. I have many more dreams... and they all have heroes and heroines.

Now for the big question: Why do I write erotica? Well... Why do you have sex with your partner? It feels good, right? It's intimate and it's human nature. Sex is not a dirty act. It's a beautiful thing. Readers read for a reason. They choose romance because they want to visit a fantasy world, and some want inspiration.

I strive to please my readers. When they're happy, I'm happy.  

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  1. I think you are totally right...write what you have an inspiration for, and it's fun and great for readers. Thanks for sharing you! ;)